19 11 2007

Hey y’all! I created a new page and updated it. Its called ‘iNews’. I probably post some news, big news, ECT and i’ll post some news the begginning of the month and the end of the month. The next iNews is when Thanksgiving.

               Much Love,


Celebrate the Month: November!

1 11 2007

Hey y’all! Its the Month of November!

Did you know that November is National Hard-Boiled Egg Month? Octomber is also National Tomatoe Juice Month and what makes me happy it’s National Raison Month. To celebrate this magical month of November put all the stuff in the blender. First put the Hard-Boiled Eggs and now the Tomatoe Juice. Finally put the Raisons in it & Blend, Blend and Blend! And now if you have the guts, DRINK it!

Happy November

Spaghetti Taco Recipe

15 10 2007

Hey y’all! If you seen iCarly; a Nickelodeon T.V. Show you probably heard of Carly’s brother name Spencer. Spencer is Carly’s brother; he makes crazy sculptures out of random things.

I went on iCarly.com to look around their site. And I saw Spaghetti Taco Recipe

Below is the Recipe to Spaghetti Taco Recipe. I haven’t made it yet. I seen comments and it looks to me, its delicious!

Below is the Recipe for Spaghetti Taco:

Get Taco Shells

Get Spaghetti (with meat sauce)

Get a BIG Spoon

Use the BIG Spoon to put Spaghetti into the Taco Shells.



Much Love,

Celebrate the Month: October!

1 10 2007

Hey y’all! Its the Month of October! I’m so happy its the month of October that I wrote a little song about it.

          SING – ALONG TIME

October, October, October

That’s it! I said it was little. Did you know that October is National Pajamas Month? October is also National Dental Care Month and National Exercise Month. To celebrate this month walk around your room brushing you teeth and speed walking while wearing pajamas! Cause’ speed walking is great exercise.

Happy October